AmSys Leak Detection Unit, technical description

The AmSys unit is a standalone system. The unit is supplied with software for use on one or two heat exchangers in series, parallel or separate.

3x Amsys units working on 5 heat exchangers (EONS plant in Malmö, Sweden).

Fig. 1: System drawing

Fig. 2: Series and parallel heat exchangers:

The system is operated from a 7 ” touch screen control panel. Operation and commissioning of the unit, including scaling of measurement signals, adjusting alarm limits, etc. is from the control panel. The system also include functionality for alarm history and historical trend.

Complete system includes:

  • Sensors suitable for each application, Emerson/Rosemount products are used based on good experience from previous projects, wordwide availability and transmitter resolution (minimum 14 bit)

  • Control cabinet for wall mounting, approx. 600 x 400 x 210 (WxHxD), IP66 including 7’’ AmSys panel, power supply, terminals etc.

  • Alarm outputs

  • Signals for connection to SCADA as analog/digital or Modbus (TCP/IP or RTU)

  • Electrical drawings (typicals) and manual

Flow signal from external sensor/system should be included. In systems with flow variations, the use of an analog flow signal is recommended. In systems with stable flow a digital signal (flow/no flow) from pump or valve is sufficient.

Operation panel examples

Main screen:

Heatexchanger details:

Intuitive menues for configuration and setup:

Trend system:

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