Adaptive Measurement Systems

The adaptive AmSys solution gives unmatched accuracy in all conductivity measurement applications where temperature and/or conductivity variations is present. By applying advanced methods as statistical and Kalman filter techniques, accuracy is often increased by a factor 20-100 compared to traditional conductivity measurements.


The improved heat exchanger leakage detection system.

In the AmSys Leak Detection Unit, this improvement provides an unmatched “signal to noise” ratio enabling early warning and alarms at much smaller contamination rates than traditional systems and provides optimal protection of environment and equipment. The adaptive solution maintain the sensitivity over time without costly and time-consuming maintenance.

The AmSys Leak Detection Unit is based on experience after a heat exchanger leakage into a district heating system in Norway (2012, 5MW heat pump) and 5 years of further development and testing.

Heat exchanger leakage detection is a typical application where the AmSys adaptive technology gives significant improvement. However, the solution is general and may be applied in all conductivity measurement applications to increase accuracy and reduce error caused by temperature variations.